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Arknights (明日方舟) is a Chinese Tower Defense RPG mobile game.

You play as the "doctor", recently rescued by Amiya, tasked with overseeing the activities of an organization called Rhodes Island.

  • Backstory - The background story of the Arknights universe
  • Originium - The central factor that cause conflict
  • Main Quest - The current story of the playthrough. Expect spoilers.


From Official Website

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Arknights is a mobile strategy game with a fantasy theme. In the game, players are in charge of an ark carrying "monster operatives" to investigate disasters occurring due to the mysterious Originium ore. In this expansive yet dangerous world, you may encounter ruined cities in the wastelands, fantastical fairy tale kingdoms, undecipherable mysteries, and maybe even join in cruel and brutal wars. Come and join this world full of fantasy and mythical creatures, and experience legends and imagination, emotions and relationships!

From Weibo

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This is a world filled with magical creatures. Facing uncertain future, some of them are just surviving by the final embrace of dying warmth by eradicating other competitors. Some are ridiculed for their dreams, but nobody heard their stories. Some are grasping the fleeing glimpse of light while facing impending obliteration, determined to exhaust the final energy of their tenacity. Audaciously believing themselves to be an influence that can change the world, only to find out at the last moment that their blind focus had harmed what was truly preciously and led to irrevocable reckoning?

In the corridor of past times, many different voices echo inside the mind.

A vague world is built by consolidating the fragmented thoughts from < 3.0 >. Arknights is a brand new, original creation, with magical creatures set as the basic gears that keep the world-machine turning and a story that focus on survival day by day. >This is part of the collection of unfinished ideas from < 3.0 > and concept art from early drafts. Even though the current direction is to [develop on the] mobile game [platform], but we hope to introduce everyone to this concept child of ours using this opportunity. This >Child is infused with many friends’ and my own thoughts, much gratitude to the other creators who poured their own Children into this strange world, bringing various imaginations and fascinations to life.

Of course, this project is still at early stage, the Child is still an infant, there are many issues still. But I hope everyone can be part of the experience as soon as possible, and everyone can foster more interesting ideas by interacting with this Daughter. She loves logical criticism for improvement and support. She would love to hear your voices.


Tower Defense

See main article: Gameplay

You are in charge of the members of Rhodes Island, and you place characters into various positions in the map. Enemies will spawn, and travel through the map attempting to reach the goal. Your positioned characters will do their best to stop the enemies' advance. If the enemies do reach their goal, you lose health. Be warned that some enemies can also attack your characters en route.


See main article: Recruitment

Arknights recruitment feature, to be able to obtain new characters, is quite unique from other popular mobile games. You specify the timer, and the class of character you would like to recruit.


See main article: Main Quest

You play as the "doctor", recently rescued by Amiya, tasked with overseeing the activities of an organization called Rhodes Island.


Each character have their own set of skills that you can upgrade, and set as main skill. These skills will be utilized on battles.

Release / Limit Break

The characters are able to "release" their powers and harness the Originium from their bodies and cast spells, or enhance their abilities.


You are able to organize characters into squads that are able to be sent into missions.

Home Screen Secretary

You are able to select a specific character that will serve as your secretary, visible from the game's home screen.

Character Voice

As of the last closed beta test, characters do not have voices yet, but it is expected to be implemented at the official launch.

Premium Purchase

See main article: Pure Originium
Players are able to trade real currencies for various in-game items.


Outfits, also known as Operator Skins, is the feature that lets an operator change their outfit, thus changing their in-game art and battle sprite. This was introduced with the game's launch 0.7.27, and Fang was the first operator to get an alternate outfit Cambrian.

Currently, alternate outfit/costume can be either purchased with premium currencies or unlocked after certain conditions are met. Though it is still unclear, all outfits are expected to be found at the "Fashion Shop"(时装商店) section of the in-game store.
* Fang's outfit Cambrian is unlocked after clearing stage 0-11 and can be purchased from the store for free.
* Amiya's outfit Test Collection AW1096 is said to be obtainable after completing all time-limited quests of the 5M Downloads Event.
* Hibiscus's outfit 0011™守岁人 is said to be obtainable whenever player logins in during May 30 10:00 ~ June 13 10:00 (UTC+8) as part of the 5M Downloads Event.

In the last closed beta test, however, it was observed that no "damaged" art was present in the game. It is actually expected to not have any due to the nature of the gameplay, where HPs are not carried over individual operations/battles.



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