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Character Page

Profile Screen.jpg

In character page, you can check the operator's board, class, attack range, melee/ranged, and promoting operator attributes.

  • Intel will jump to operator's profile home. Costume allows you to change operator's skin.
  • Trust shows how the operator trusts you. It's up 200% and can strengthen operator's board until it's 100%. Gain more trust you can get more profiles of the operator.
  • Tap on class icon will show the all 8 class descriptions.
  • Tap on Lv. & EXP. will go to stage you can give the operator operation records (EXP cards) and increase EXP.
  • Tap on Elite will go to stage you can promote the operator. The X mark means the elite level.
  • Tap on Potential to check the additional permanent addons and start potential training.
  • Tap on Skill to check skills and do upgrades.
  • Ability description will provide the special factors of this operator.
  • Talent shows the special skills without cost of the operator. Tap for more infomation.

Changing Skin

Amiya TEST Collection.jpg
  • You can change the operator's skin by sliding the costume list and tap Wear(穿戴) button.
  • The skin change will also apply to other situation, like battling, profile page.
  • Some costume are free(免费), while most require payment. If you don't own the costume, you need to pay for it via Refined Originiums.
  • All elite Lv2 operators (and Amiya's elite Lv1) have new costume, while it has same chibi figure as default.
  • You can also get free costumes in some events. (e.g. Amiya Test Collection / Newspaper boy)

Profile Page

Operator profile.jpg
Operator profile2.jpg
  • Check the profiles of the operator.
  • All playable operators have their own profiles and voice records, while story-only charactors not all.
  • You can see the story-only charactors' profiles only via Info in main menu.

Voice Page

Voice Page.jpg
  • Check and listen the voice of the operator.
  • Same as profile, some hidden voice can be unlocked via trust or elite level.