Character Leveling

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Unlike most other games, Arknights characters do not gain experience by completing battles, but by giving them EXP cards. With this mechanic, you can actually level up newly acquired characters immediately, or let frequently used characters stay on Level 1.


  • Each level will require an increasing number of experience points
  • Giving EXP cards to a character consumes Lungmen coins (regular currency)
  • Gaining a level increases Max HP, Attack, Defense, and sometimes, Magic resistance

EXP Cards

There are many tiers of EXP cards and provide varying experience points:


  • Green: 200
  • Blue: 400
  • Gold: 1000
  • White: 2000

How to obtain

  • Rotating weekly missions (EXP card mission available during Wed, Fri, Sun)
  • Some normal maps reward EXP cards on every complete (2-7 earliest)
  • Quest rewards (daily, weekly, story, procurement)
  • No cost (just crafting time) via Production on the Factory, an Infrastructure Complex Facility

Maximum Level

Maximum level depends on rarity (stars) of the character

Rank Max Level
Lv 30
★★ Lv 30
★★★ Lv 35
★★★★ Lv 40
★★★★★ Lv 40

These values will later increase once they are promoted to Elite. See Elite Promotion for more info on increasing maximum level.