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A factory is a buildable facility in the infrastructure complex. It is distinctively yellow in colors as it has yellowish-gold background/room wallpaper, and is indicated by a yellow tag when on the infrastructure build / upgrade screen. It is mainly used for material processing:

  • You can convert materials used in skill upgrades, elite promotions, etc.
    • You can combine materials into their higher tiers.
    • You can breakdown high tier materials into its lower tiers.
    • These include chips, ores, polymerizer, etc.
  • You can produce EXP cards out of nowhere, just takes time to craft each.
  • You can produce gold ores, also out of nowhere, just takes time to mine each.
    • These ores can be upgraded and/or sold for lungmen coins later (regular currency).
  • You can buy building materials using lungmen coins.
    • These are the items used in building and upgrading other facilities.
    • Like other materials these have different tiers which you can combine.
  • You can upgrade artificial originium (red gacha currency) into higher tier originium ores.
    • Artificial originium ore Tier 1 sells for 10 gacha currency.
    • Tier 2 sells for 20 gacha currency (converting Tier 1 -> Tier 2 costs 6000 lungmen coins / regular currency).
    • Tier 3 sells for 30 gacha currency (converting Tier 2 -> Tier 3 costs 4000 lungmen coins / regular currency).
    • This means you can gain much more artificial originium, means more gacha attempts using regular currency.

Doing item processing like listed above will consume the stamina of the characters assigned to the facility (see Character Stamina).


A few of the items that can be produced in the factory. On screen specifically are EXP cards (See Experience & Leveling), and originium stones that are used in skill level ups and elite promotions. Lot more to the list and will include most materials involved in your progression.

Factory items.png


A shop is a buildable facility in the infrastructure complex. The room has a blue background, and is marked as such in the build / upgrade screen. It is mainly used to sell your items/materials for lungmen coins (regular currency) or artificial originium (gacha currency).

  • You can sell various tiers of originium stones for lungmen coins
  • You can sell various tiers of artificial originium for gacha currency
  • You can sell surplus building material in your inventory for lungmen coins
  • Selling is not instant, and has a timer. This will consume the stamina of characters assigned to the shop

Screenshot below shows the shop interface

  • Each character can sell one item at any open shop (shop will only close when its upgrading).
  • Maximum of three characters can be assigned to a specific shop.
  • Maximum of three shops can be open at a time, making it possible to sell 9 items simultaneously.
Shop ui.png

Command Center

The Command Center is the first available facility in the infrastructure complex feature. It is already operational once the feature is unlocked.

  • As long as command center is operational, drones will regenerate (See Infrastructure Complex for resources involved).
    • There is a screen where you can see the timer for the drone regeneration.
  • Here, there is also a screen where it lists an overview of all open facilities, its slots, and who's assigned there, and their stamina.
  • Upgrading this facility to the next level will unlock a new floor.
    • Upgrading usually requires a number of HR offices to be at same level as Command Center
  • Up to 5 characters can be assigned here, and does not consume stamina, neither does it regenerate
    • As mentioned earlier, characters assigned to any facility during reset, will get a bubble that can be tapped to increase trust
    • It is unclear what is the effect of assigning characters to this facility, but might as well assign some for the trust bubbles
Command center.png


The reception room is an early-buildable facility in the infrastructure complex. This is where we welcome visitors, friends, or clients from other factions. It has a fixed location in the building, and can only be installed once.

  • You can assign 1 character to this room. It is unclear how it affects the operations in this facility.
    • It does not consume the character's stamina
    • Might as well assign one for the daily trust bubble
  • This is where we claim all credits that were earned on the previous day
    • See Social Credits on the next section on what this currency is
    • There is a daily quest attached to this, where you need to claim the earned credits