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Headquarter (HQ) is the basis of all facilities in the infrastructure complex. The level of HQ determines the maximum levels of other facilities, as well as available places for construction. The keel, which is required to upgrade the HQ, is acquired as players go through the main story. Therefore, HQ level is closely tied to main story progress.

Assigning characters in HQ can slow down stamina consumption throughout the infrastructure complex (Processing facilities will not be affected.)

Upgrade Requirements

  • Lv1: The initial status of the HQ. No action is needed.
  • Lv2: 20 drones + 1 keel + 1 basic reinforcement material
  • Lv3: 40 drones + 1 keel + 3 basic reinforcement material, Prerequisites: 5+ Lv1 facilities
  • Lv4: 80 drones + 1 keel + 4 intermediate reinforcement material, Prerequisites: 8+ Lv2 facilities
  • Lv5: 120 drones + 1 keel + 8 advanced reinforcement material, Prerequisites: 10+ Lv3 facilities

Upgrade Benefits

Aside from raising maximum levels of other facilities, upgrading HQ has the following benefits:

HQ Level Characters Allowed in HQ New Floor Opened Number of Assistants
Lv1 1 1F 1
Lv2 2 B1F 2
Lv3 3 B2F 3
Lv4 4 B3F 4
Lv5 5 B4F 5

Benefits of characters allowed in HQ:

Characters Allowed in HQ Decrease in Stamina Consumption (per Hour)
1 0.05
2 0.1
3 0.15
4 0.2
5 0.25

Distracted characters will not provide these benefits, nor will their infrastructure complex skills be effective. In other words, Assigning distracted characters in HQ has no effect whatsoever.