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Terminology Description
R.I.I.C. Rhodes Island Infrastructure Complex. Rhodes Island's main base, where you can manage facilities.
P.R.T.S. Primitive Rhodes Island Terminal Service. The auto-battle feature
Gyuki Alternative name for Matoimaru
Mon3tr Kal'tsit's summon.
The Emperor The boss of Penguin Logistics.
Ancients The xxxx. See main article Ancients.
Originium The xxxx. See main article Originium.
Oripathy The name of the disease once infected by Originium substances. See its section in Originium article.
Originium Arts The practice of utilizing originium for use in daily activities or combat. See its section in Originium article.
Rhodes Island
Production Creating items using coins, time and operator stamina. See Production Station.
Processing Convert materials into other items or higher tiers. See Processing Station.