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Headhunting is one of the two main methods of acquiring new operators in Arknights.

This is the "Gacha" mechanic in the game.

The following items can be used to roll:


5★ Guarantees

  • Each gacha banner ensures a 5★ result in one of its first 10 rolls
    • More accurately, if you haven't rolled any 5★ in first 9 rolls, the 10th one is a guarantee
  • If not aiming for the rate up character, it is not advised to roll past the guarantee
    • Free-to-play mode barely earns enough to get the guarantee every banner, but still possible
    • If you go past 10 rolls, you might be spending rolls you could have used to get the next banner's guarantee
  • You can roll one by one instead of 10 at a time. You may get a 5★ before the 10th roll
    • This way if you get it midway, you can save more ArtificialOriginium-icon.png or tickets for the next banner and gives more breathing room

6★ Guarantees

  • Once you roll 50 times without getting a 6★, the chances will increase by 2% on every succeeding roll
    • For example: Base chance for 6★ is 2%; on 51st roll without 6★, you'll be at 4%; on 60th roll, 6★ chance is 22%; so on...
    • This mechanic carries over different banners, so if you really can't get a 6★ over, for example, 5 banners, you'll trigger this mechanic

Alternative Recruit

  • The secondary 6★ and the usually the middle 5★ can also be recruited via Yellow Certificate Shop
  • It is advised to keep 180 yellow tickets in reserve in case your favorite operator shows up in shop
    • The 6★ is worth 180 yellow tickets
    • The 5★ is worth 45 yellow tickets
  • Only the following operators rotate in the shop


  • Maximizing ArtificialOriginium-icon.png from Annihilation Mode
    • Finish Annihilation Mode as soon as you can, each milestone will increase your maximum allowed ArtificialOriginium-icon.png cap per week
    • Base ArtificialOriginium-icon.png from Chernobog Annihilation mode is 1200. Lungmen Annihilation increases cap up to 1600. Inner Lungmen Annihilation increases cap to 1700.
  • Farming Extra ArtificialOriginium-icon.png from Maps
    • If you're up for some grinding, you can farm RockBlock.png and Gadget.png which can both be converted into ArtificialOriginium-icon.png in Production Room
    • This should not be done if you're going to use PureOriginium-icon.png to refill Sanity.png. It's not worth the grind, and you should just convert it directly: 1 PureOriginium-icon.png = 180 ArtificialOriginium-icon.png

Newbie Headhunting

  • This gacha banner is available all new players
  • Huge discount compare to all other gacha banners and is meant to give you a starting boost
    • All other gacha banners cost ArtificialOriginium-icon.png 600 to roll, while this Newbie Headhunting is only ArtificialOriginium-icon.png 380
  • Guarantees a ★★★★★★ in one of its first 10 rolls
  • Guarantees a ★★★★★ in one of its first 20 rolls
  • You can only roll up to 20 times. After that the banner will disappear for the player
  • It is recommended to use up all rolls from this banner first before doing any of the other gacha banners

Standard Headhunting

  • Banner Change Timing
    • The standard banners are consecutive, meaning as soon as one ends, another banner replaces it
    • Usually each banner is about 2 weeks, and happens during the daily reset time (4 AM GMT+8)
  • Operator Chances
    • a
    • b

Current Banner

Banner Date 6★ 6★ 5★ 5★ 5★

Previous Banners

See all past gacha banners
Banner Date 6★ 6★ 5★ 5★ 5★

Limited Headhunting

Current Banner

Banner Description Date Operators
Event-hosf-hellagur.png Forging Steel featuring Hellagur during the Obsidian Festival event. Sept 10, 2019
Sept 24, 2019

Croissant, Astesia

Previous Banners

See all past gacha banners
Banner Date 6★ 6★ 5★ 5★ 5★

Hidden Dragon, The Crimson

Status: Upcoming
Period: 2019, July 9 16:00 - July 22 03:59

  • Ch'en: 50% chance if you roll a ★★★★★★
  • Swire, FEater: 50% chance if you roll a ★★★★★
  • Greyy: 20% chance if you roll a ★★★★

Tide-shifting Blade


Status: Past
Period: 2019, May 30 10:00 - June 13 03:59
During the event, Grani and the Treasure of Knights, featuring Skadi

  • Skadi: 50% chance if you roll a ★★★★★★
  • Nightmare, Nearl: 50% chance if you roll a ★★★★★
  • Beehunter, Rope: 20% chance if you roll a ★★★★

Glory of SilverAsh


Status: Past
Period: 2019, May 23 10:00 - May 30 03:59
Independent limited gacha event, featuring operators from Kjerag