Infrastructure Complex

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Infrastructure Complex

Here, you can manage the Rhodes Island home base's facilities. You start off with just the command center, and there are slots where you can choose to build more facilities. This feature becomes available after you clear 1-12.

Infrastructure complex.png


Infrasturcture resources.png
  • Drones

- they regenerate over time and consumed when cleaning up empty rooms, building new factilites, or upgrading existing ones. It regenerates 1 unit every 6 minutes whenever the command center is available.

  • Power

- this limits on how many facilities you can build at a time. You need to build power plants to increase your maximum power, and any other facility eats its cap.

  • Lungmen coins
    Lugmen coins.png

- this is the regular currency and used widely in the infrastructure base-building.

Cleaning and Unlocking

  • In order to build a new facility in an infrastructure slot, you need to first unlock the floor. Upgrading to each level of command center unlocks the next floor, from the topmost, downwards.
  • Each room / slot must be first cleaned by drones (see resources section) before it can become accessible
    • Cleaning process is instant and just consumes drones, and a cheap reinforcement material.
  • The first accessible location when a floor is unlocked is the elevator, which you need to clean first.
  • Other rooms start unlocking whenever it becomes accessible by cleaning the room beside it, starting from

Building new Facilities

  • Some facilities can be placed whereever you want, while some have fixed locations
    • Free select: Factory (yellow room), Shop (blue room), Power Plant (green room)
    • Fixed location: Elevators, Command Center, Reception, Dorms, HR Office
  • Building requires materials that can either be farmed or produced through factory
  • There can only be a maximum of 3 of each: Factory, Shop, Power Plant

Upgrading existing facilities

  • These require the same type of materials as when building the facility.
  • Some require a minimum level of other facilities (Command Center Lv4 needs 2x HR office Lv3).
  • Upgrading takes time, and during this process, you will not be able to use that specific facility.
    • Other rooms of the same type are not affected and are still operational.
    • e.g. upgrading one of the threee factories, the other two are still operational and can produce/convert.
  • You cannot upgrade a facility while there is work in progress (factory material processing, shop selling, etc.
Frastructure build.png

Assigning characters

  • You can assign/place characters into a specific facility and their sprite will show up in that room
  • Each facility type has a different number of characters allowed in them
    • Command Center: 5.
    • Power plant (green room): 1 per power plant (max 3 power plants).
    • Factory (yellow room): 3 per factory (max 3 factories: 3x3=9) (processing one item together, per factory).
    • Shop (blue room): 3 per shop (max 3 shops: 3x3=9) (able to sell one item each character).
    • Reception: 1.
    • HR office: 1 per office (max 3 offices).
    • Dorms: 5 per dorm room (max 3~4 dorms).
  • When daily reset is triggered, characters that are assigned to any facility will get a bubble that can be tapped for additional trust level. See Trust section.
  • You can not drag and pickup characters unlike other games. You can only tap then and they will react in a small motion, e.g. swaying. They also show faces when clicked on, based on personality. (this may change during development process and we may/or may not get more interactions).
  • They will wander around the rooms they are assigned on, but not travel to a different room.
Infrastructure assign.png

on screenshot: selecting a character to put in a room, it will show indicators for characters that are already working in a facility, and those that have low stamina

Dormitory Atmosphere

  • This influences the stamina regeneration of characters in the dorms. The better furniture in the dorms, the higher atmosphere, and faster character stamina renegenation rate.
  • Each dormitory has its own atmosphere value (need to confirm)

Character Stamina

Each character has a fixed 10 maximum stamina, and is consumed when they are assigned and working on a facility. Various operations that consume stamina are:

  • Selling items in the shop, either for lungmen coins or artificial originium
  • Producing items, or converting materials in the factory
Character stamina.png

Other stamina facts

  • Other facilities such as power plant, HR office, command center, do not consume stamina
  • Stamina can be replenished by putting them inside the dorm rooms, and not work facilities
  • When they reach below zero, their portrait in the facility assignment screen will turn red
    When a character reaches zero in the middle of work, the operation will be paused (selling or production will pause)

Zero stamina.png