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August 17

Lots of event information for Heart of Surging Flame. Visit the article for details.

August 13

Information about the upcoming Heart of Surging Flame side-story event.


Login Event Information

Obsidian Festival Login Event

  • Starts 15 August 04:00 AM (GMT+8 / China Server Time)
  • Ends 26 August 03:59 AM (GMT+8 / China Server Time)
  • Players are given extra 5 event days in case they are unable to login for 7 days straight


  • 1st day: Emergency Sanity Extractant*2
  • 2nd day: :Lungmen:*30000
  • 3rd day: Xeno Iron Chunk*5, :AO:*300
  • 4th day: T3 EXP Card*30
  • 5th day: :PO:*2
  • 6th day: Recruitment Ticket*5, Gold Bar*20
  • 7th day: Headhunting Ticket*1, Super Glue*1

Side Story Event Information

The SideStory Heart of Surging Flame will officially begin on 27 August.