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Open Recruitment is one of the two main methods of acquiring new operators in Arknights.

This process uses Recruitment Tickets, and Lungmen Coins.


Unlike most other games, the player will be the one to specify how long the recruitment process will be.

  • The longer the timer, the higher chance for the player to acquire operators that match the tags you selected (See Tags section)
  • The longer the timer, more Template:LungmenCoin Lungmen Coins are used, but will always cost one Template:RecruitmentTicket Recruitment ticket
  • Sometimes, if your tag selection is bad, it is not worth doing 9:00:00
  • 9:00:00 does NOT guarantee that all tags you selected will match the resulting operator
    • This is for example you still chose "Healing" and "DPS" when there's no operator like that
    • 9:00:00 also does NOT guarantee 6-stars or 5-stars unless using certain tag combinations (See Tag Combinations section)


  • Every operator in Arknights has specific tags attached to them, e.g. "DPS", "Debuff"
  • When recruiting, the player may choose up to three (3) tags that corresponds to the operator they want to obtain
  • Tags are not guarantees, and can "fail". They will be crossed out after the timer is complete if the resulting operator does not match the tags you selected.
  • You may see tags in each operator's page.

Tags List In-game Tags List on Wiki Tags List in Toolbox
Successful Tags "Failed" Tags that do not match the result operator

List of Tags

1 2 3
a b c

Tag Combinations

1test 2 3
a b c


Unlocking Slots

  • By default, only one recruitment slot is available.
  • To unlock the next slot, the player will need to build an HR Office in the Infrastructure Complex
  • Upgrading the said facility will further unlock more slots, up to four (4) in total

Refreshing Tag Selections

  • Building an HR Office facility will also unlock the refresh tag feature
  • With this, you can roll a new set of tags to choose from in case you do not like the current selections
  • There is a bar on the top-right that show how many refreshes you can do, and the bar when this count will be refilled (+1)