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Exercise (Practice)

  • Exercise lets you start an operation without using Sanity, but will not give rewards, or mark the map as cleared.
    • Feel free to use this feature to perfect your strategy before doing the real operation with Sanity
  • You have 30 Exercise Plans per day. It does not carry over, and will only refill to 30 every daily reset.

Friend Support

  • Able to select a supporting deployable operator owned by friends, and possibly other random players
  • When using a support operator, the current run cannot be used as auto-battle pattern
  • Your friend gains __ F credits when you use their operator
  • There is a daily quest involving doing an operation while using a support operator
    • You will have to do this manually, as using friend support will not let you auto-battle
  • You can refresh the support up to ____


  • First time clear of any operation will give 1 PureOriginium-icon.png Pure Originium
  • Evaluation Up to 3 blue stars + 1 Raid Mode white star
  • HQ Experience (No character experience)
  • Materials based on the map
  • Chance of furniture based on the map
  • Operator based on the map
    • A few main story maps reward Amiya
    • Events may reward specific character, e.g. Grani during her event


  • When you achieve 3 blue star evaluation when doing an operation, you can use it as pattern for doing auto-battle onwards
    • This does not work on practice mode. You need to win the operation using Sanity.
  • You cannot set auto-battle if you have used a friend support operator
  • Auto-battle patterns save your actions and timings when you did the actions, this includes
  • Auto-battle does not guarantee an always-3 star victory, even if you have done so once.
    • The battle's random elements may vary, e.g. Firewatch dropping bombs at different location than your original run, etc
    • Your operators may have leveled thus being more powerful but desyncs the timings of your actions saved in the auto-battle
    • Your operators may have been promoted to elite, increasing its cost, and was unable to be deployed at the original timings

Types of Operations