Operator Basics

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Operator Managment

The operator management section is located on the left side of the screen as shown above and it where you are able to level up, Skill upgrade and potential upgrade your characters.

Classes & Attributes

Class-medic.png Medic class operators are those whose general role is to heal other operators
Class-caster.png Caster class are operators who can cast arts, are armor percing and generally dps based.
Class-guard.png Guard class operators are melee and generally have a high attack and defence balance.
Class-sniper.png Sniper class operators are generally long range and inflict physical damage. When it comes to air based units the sniper class operators are the ones you can rely on.
Class-defender.png Defender class operators are those who have high defence and health, most good defenders are able to block 3 enemies at a time.
Class-supporter.png Supporter class operators have various roles, some deal arts damage and others debuff or buff. They normally have a large range that encircles the enitre operator unlike others who can't attack behind them.
Class-vanguard.png Vanguard class operators are usually low deployment cost operators and are ideal for early game, their skills are related to recovery deployment costsand can better deal with enemies who appear in the battlefield in the early stage as well as provide you with aditional deployment points to setup for incomming enemies.
Class-specialist.png Specialist class operators are capable of various different plays, shaw can push into holes, rope can pull into holes, some fast deploy and defend well while others are emergency attack operators.
Stat-hp.png The hit points of a Operator, It decreaces when the operator is attacked and once it reaches 0 it flees.
Stat-atk.png The base dmg an operator deals to enemy units.
Stat-def.png The amount of damage an Operator blocks when it is attacked
Stat-res.png The amount of magic damage an Operator blocks when it is attacked
Stat-time.png The time it takes for an operator to be ready fro deployment again once it flees
Stat-cost.png The amount of deployment points it take
Stat-block.png The amount of enemy units an operator can block at once, if there are more enemies than the block count the excess enemy units walk past.
Stat-atkspd.png The time the operator takes per attack