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BlackSteel Worldwide, or more simply BlackSteel or BSW, is a private military contractor affiliated with Rhodes Island. It is lead by Franka, and all its known Operators seem to be actively involved with Rhodes Island's security details throughout the main story.


  • BlackSteel Operators maintain a senior-junior relationship. Jessica refers to Franka and Liskarm as "senpai", which is a Japanese way to refer to someone of higher standing in the same profession or a professional senior.
  • Although a BlackSteel Operator, Vanilla is currently stationed at Rhodes Island as part of her training and as proof of goodwill between the two factions. This is why her profile's logo is that of Rhodes Island despite being placed in the BlackSteel Chain of Command group.
  • BlackSteel Worldwide may refer to the real-life private military company, Blackwater International, which is now called Academi.