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Download & Install

As of time of writing when only CN servers are available, players without a Chinese phone number may only play via BiliBili Android client.


  • I'm Getting a message saying "App not installed"
    • You may try removing your SD card install then put it back to its place - Meyrink#4133 on discord
    • If your device's memory is internal then try clearing some spaces first, it varies from device to device but having 3-5GB of free space is advisable
  • How to fix failing to download patch
    • Tap "Yes" (the button with check mark)
    • Go back to your Android home screen
    • Monitor your network activity to know when it's done with download
    • (You might need to disable battery saver so the phone won't close background apps)


If you already have an existing BiliBili account from playing other games such as Girls Frontline and Azur Lane, you may use the same account here.


Option 1: Register using email via BiliBili Website (RECOMMENDED)

To avoid headaches later on, we advice to register on BilBili using email as your first step.


Option 2: Register using In-Game BiliBili Widget


  • Unlike other games, the BiliBili widget in Arknights is limited, and does not have other registration options.
  • If using the widget, you can only register using phone number from the following countries:
  • CN mainland
  • Hongkong
  • Macao
  • Taiwan
  • United States
  • Belgium
  • Australia
  • France
  • Canada
  • Japan
  • Singapore
  • Korea
  • Malaysia
  • United Kingdom
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Russia
  • New Zealand


  • If you don't have a phone number from any of these countries, please register via BiliBili website (previous sub-section).
  • Players in the regions above can also use email registration if you don't want to use your phone number.

Option 3: Guest Login

As indicated in the first screenshot, there is an option to login to the game using a guest account not bound to any email nor phone. Be careful as if you lose your phone, uninstalled the app, or cleared data, you may forever lose your Arknights account.

  • Guest account can later on be upgraded to new accounts using phone number (not email so beware)
  • Guest account cannot be linked later on to an existing account
  • There's really no point in re-rolling so it is advised to just register an email account first.


Clear Data

When opening the app, the screen before login has a button on the top-left to clear data.


Re-Rolling Accounts

Re-rolling in Arknights is less valuable than other games. The newbie gacha already guarantees one 6-star and one 5-star in its first 20 rolls. There is no need to re-roll unless you are aiming for a favorite character, or multiple 6-stars at a time. However aiming for multiple rares is also not as valuable than other games, as regular operators can clear maps just fine.

IF you still wish to re-roll, however, just do "Guest Login", and "Clear Data" in cycles until you get the rolls you want. Just note that BiliBili guest accounts cannot be bound to email later on, only through phone.

Backing up Guest account

For Android players if you are rooted and want to make your guest account further safe you could backup com.hypergryph.arknights.v2.playerprefs.xml under //data/data/com.hypergryph.arknights/shared_prefs.